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Battle of the Bow / NBC Sports

Happy anniversary to Battle of the Bow. 10 years ago, we created a TV show for the everyday bowhunters of Wisconsin. The show aired nationally for 3 seasons on NBC Sports, and the Sportsman Channel (in over 80 million homes). Battle of the Bow was a dream ours. When we created a social network for outdoors enthusiasts, we never imagined turning that enthusiasm of the network’s members into a series. After being contacted by the Sportsman Channel in 2009, Battle of the Bow Season 1 was underway.

The show was designed to promote our social network, and to build a brand for Bowhunting enthusiasts.

“We didn’t really know what we were getting into. We learned quickly that we had to wear many hats. We were producers, web designers, producers, directors, salesmen. It was quite an education.”

After several years of creating and producing the show, we passed it off to a former contestant. We had to focus our efforts on Mediastash and building a business. We owe a great deal to those experiences, the friendships we made, the skills we learned. Much of what we have built at Mediastash came from those experiences.