Fin-tech Fishing Tackle: a case study

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creators of fishing tackle innovation

A brief background.

Fin-tech Fishing Tackle has always been at the forefront of innovation in the fishing catching industry, and holds numerous patents for cutting edge technology. Researched and developed by passionate anglers from the very beginning, they take pride in providing jigs and rigs that actually work.

step 01:

Assessing Fin-tech's needs as a company

At the very onset of this project we needed to understand and assess where Fin-tech was at the moment, and what would be needed to take them to where they wanted to be upon completion. We took into account the brand, owned media, assets and elements, to name a few. 

Step 02:

Refresh & rejuvenate.

To help with consistency and brand recognition, standards and guidelines were created around an updated look. This carried through to an entirely new website, as well as social media channels and apparel.
Step 03:

Online campaigns.

Now that Fin-tech had a solid website and online presence in place, driving customers to their owned media would be much more effective. Google Search, Google Display, and Facebook Ads campaigns were all set into motion.
Step 04:

Analyze the data

The best part about our process is that by the end you have concrete numbers and data to assess the effectiveness of our work. You only pay for results.