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Ragan & Massey

Product Video Catalog

About the Client: Ragan & Massey is at the forefront of the forage seed and agricultural chemical industries. They offer 34 high-quality, innovative products under 12 proprietary brands that are available in over 3,500 stores nationwide.

The Problem: Home owners and ranchers need effective products to manage their property. Many of the products on store shelves do not clearly state the product function and can be difficult to use.

The Solution: We created over 30 videos for Ragan and Massey products and brands. Our goal was to help consumers choose the right product for the job, and to help walk them through the process of use. In the video collections, consumers can learn about each product function, how to safely and effectively use each product, and appropriate storage and disposal methods.

Results: When consumers are looking for information to help them solve a problem, the first place they turn is the internet. By providing valuable
information along their journey, the final result is often a sale through direct channels.
By utilizing Facebook Live, how-to videos on YouTube and the company website, and product video at the point of sale, we took the customer
through the exploration phase all the way to purchase. And, because of the education they received, customers are more likely to have a
positive experience and become loyal brand followers in the future.

When video is used in conjunction with a paid search campaign, it can breathe new life into the sales of a mature product. We recently partnered
with a client to utilize a how-to video within a paid campaign on Google/YouTube. The results as reported by Google were impressive.

Results from Google
Views: 1.5 million
Cost: $0.02/view
Brand awareness: 80.2% lift
Consideration: 40.4% lift
View-through rate: 39.0%
Sales: 60% year-over- year increase

Utilized paid campaign through Google

Brand Awareness Highlights
119.0% lift for female audiences
116.9% lift for ages 45-54
186.5% lift for ages 55-64
121.5% lift when viewed on mobile



Ragan & Massey