Ragan & Massey Interactive Video

What we know:

“Shoppable video will continue to change the game”

“Interactive video is set to take over in 2022”

Video Trends of 2022 and going forward:

  1. Videos are getting shorter
  2. Educational content will be increasingly shared using video
  3. Less and less people are watching video with sound
  4. Shoppable videos will continue to change the game
  5. Interactive video is set to take over

Interactive video boosts viewing time by 47%

Interactive video increases purchase intent up to 9x

Conversion rates increase by 11% (compared to 1% for traditional digital advertising)

3-4x engagement with interactive video

How we use interactive video:

Hotspots: Add clickable hotspots to any image. A hotspot is placed  on a target/image either static, or tracking (tracking the object with the hotspot) where customers can “learn more” about a product, shop, or continue their video journey.

Branching: Choose your own journey. Customers can interact with the video by choosing their own path.

Shoppable: Create a “shop now” hotspot on an item.This shoppable hotspot can automatically“add product to cart” with api code, or link out to a product overlay to learn more and shop now button.

Best use:

Shoppable, marketing, training, educating customers, sales and e-learning.