Know More. Grow More.

Podcasts are a great way to connect with your audience, personalize your brand, and grow your business. With a branded podcast, you control your brand’s message, create a community, and help educate your audience.

We have helped many of our customers create and distribute podcasts. In a recent project, we helped our client build and brand a new podcast series. We rolled in a portable studio, recorded the episodes and edited the episodes at our shop. It was important for our client to start attracting and building an audience locally, so we set up an awareness campaign to meet their goals.

Overview: The Know More, Grow More podcast is recorded monthly at Centra Sota’s headquarters in Buffalo, MN
and is hosted by Centra Sota’s Technology Services Manager, Andrew Lambert. This podcast focuses on
precision agriculture, digital farm management strategies, on farm data, innovations in farming and what is
important to Centra Sota’s growers. The goal is to help growers make the best data backed decisions possible.

Campaign Goal: Record 50 podcast conversions (50 plays or downloads)

Strategy: Create and launch the “Know More Grow More” podcast. Main objectives include brand awareness,
encouraging podcast conversions, and other long-tail benefits.

Conversion: A conversion is defined by a listen or download.

Execution: Create campaign digital content, conduct keyword research, publish and distribute podcasts to
leading pod hosting channels, and create and launch digital campaigns.

Our Process:

Record and edit “Know More Grow More” podcast Episode 01.
Transcribe Episode 01 podcast
Create podcast show notes and definitions.

Podcast Deployment:
Embed podcast EP01 on the My Yield Quest website
Distribute podcast on 10 major podcast channels and create brand profile
(Spotify, Stitcher, Itunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc)

Content Creation:
Create 8 display ads for distribution (for display advertising)
Create 2 Facebook ads (one animated with audio) 1 static image

Search: (Google Ads)
Conduct Keyword research for exact search, broad search and search keyword terms
Create 1 Search campaign (3 search ad groups – defined by broad, exact match and keyword terms).
Set demographics, behavioral sets and device types
Launch campaign

Display Advertising: (Choozle Campaign)
Import assets
Define audience
Launch campaign

Facebook: (Facebook ads)
Import assets
Define audience
Launch and monitor/adjust campaign

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